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Zedwolf toegevoegd op 30 Jan 2021 190 speeltijden Leger, Arcade, 1 speler, Oorlog, Zoeken en vernietigen, Helicopter, HTML5, Retro, Touchscreen, Pixel

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Pilot your Zedwolf chopper across 6.5 km of 3d open world environment to rescue hostages and repel the enemy force's attack! You can find hostages and other folks in need of help dotted around the map. Land nearby and they will hop on board! Bring anyone you find back to your base (the yellow objective marker) to complete the rescue. But be careful, if you are shot down or run out of fuel with passengers on board, you will not be able to rescue them! Once something has been destroyed, you will need to complete the main objectives to finish the mission. Are you ready to do the Zedwolf mission? Enjoy playing this chopper arcade game here at Y8.com!



Z: toggle landing gear up / down

X (while landing gear is down): throttle up
X (while gear is up): fire rockets

Arrow keys: move

Shift / W / Pause menu option: minimap & mission briefing

Repairing & refuelling
Find a repair crane and land nearby - there's one in your base!

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