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A minimalistic volleyball type game for local multiplayer mayhem.

There is a single player AI for both play modes but the AI is not the best at times.

Also I wouldn’t really recommend four players play on a single keyboard. Controllers are definitely recommended. The keys are given below if you would like to try it. It is possible to play with a combination of keyboard and controllers.


Controls (Keyboard)

Player 1

W – Jump/Block(when in air)
S – Volley (on ground and air). Pressing left and right simultaneously will do a short/long volley
A – Move left
D – Move right
E -
Smash (when in air). When smashing pressing left simultaneously will perform a near court smash.
Setup (when on ground and not moving). Player will volley the ball straight upwards.
Dive (when on ground). Player will dive when moving left/right.
Player 2

NUMPAD 8 – Jump/Block
NUMPAD 2 – Volley
NUMPAD 4 – Move left
NUMPAD 6 – Move right
NUMPAD 7 – Smash/Setup/Dive
Player 3

I – Jump/Block
K – Volley
J – Move left
L – Move right
O – Smash/Setup/Dive
Player 4

UP ARROW – Jump/Block
LEFT ARROW – Move left
RIGHT ARROW – Move right
RIGHT CTRL – Smash/Setup/Dive

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