Age of War 2 (10.9 MB) toegevoegd op 30 May 2010 148,368 play times Vechten, 1 speler, Flash, Strategie, Actie, Oorlog, Uitrustingsupgrades kopen, Reeks, Realtime, Dinosaurus, Gratis

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The age of War 2 game fits in the real-time strategy game genre best, even though it has adopted a side-scrolling view. It has become a historical game because of the creative use of technology classes or evolution. As a leader of one-side of warring factions, you must build your empire starting at the caveman era.


During the game launch, the sponsors, Max Games withheld distribution for about one year, keeping the game exclusive to their site. It marked a peak when browser games were the hottest thing on the internet during the 2009 browser game boom.

Game controls

This game is played with mouse only.

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